Get the ball past your opponent's paddle to score 100 points. First player to 1100 points wins. 

  • You must win by at least 200 points.
  • In Versus mode, you can play to 2100 points by selecting More -> Best of 1 (to 2100) 
  • Some tables get more intense over the course of a game. For example, The Square begins to move after a player reaches 500 points. 

Basic Controls

Your paddle is controlled by just 3 inputs: up, down, and shoot.

Default keyboard controls: Player 1: up arrow, down arrow, and spacebar. Player 2: W, S, and 1.

NOTE: Controls for the Flash demo are slightly different. Player 1:  up arrow, down arrow, and shift. Player 2: W, S, and Q.

Up and Down

P1 default keyboard controls: up/down arrow keys

P2 default keyboard controls: W/S keys

  • Move your paddle up and down to defend against the ball or aim your missiles.
  • If you exit the top of the screen, your paddle will reappear at the bottom of the screen (and vice versa). 

Shoot (Missiles)

P1 default keyboard controls: spacebar

P2 default keyboard controls:  1

*When using a gamepad, you can shoot with button 1, 2, 3, or 4.

  • Shoot missiles at the ball to push it toward your opponent.
  • Shoot missiles at your opponent's paddle to make it spin out and lose control briefly.
  • Press and hold the shoot button to fire continuously. 

Watch your ammo!

Your ammo bar is that large rising and falling bar in the background on your side of the table . There's also a smaller ammo bar behind your paddle.

  • Shooting missiles depletes your ammo. Stop shooting for a few seconds to recharge your ammo bar.
  • If you run out of ammo, you won't be able to fire until you recharge a bit. 
  • If your ammo bar reaches the top of the screen, you'll charge up a Super Shot. (See Advanced Techniques.) 


    Advanced Techniques

    Super Shot

    Press Shoot when your ammo bar is fully charged to fire a powerful Super Shot. 

    • A Super Shot is composed of many normal-sized missiles, and continues to gain missile density until colliding with the ball, the opponent's paddle, or an obstacle.
    • Super Shots can jettison the ball toward your opponent at high speed depending on how many individual missiles the ball touches.

    Super Shot Spread

      You can Spread your Super Shot up or down by moving your paddle up or down after firing. This only works until the Super Shot collides with something.

    Super Shot Drift

      You can Drift your entire Super Shot up or down by double-tapping up or down after firing. Keep holding up or down after the double-tap to Drift continuously. (See Lunging.)

    Mega Bullet

    A Mega Bullet is a condensed Super Shot. Press and hold Shoot when firing a Super Shot to condense it into a Mega Bullet. Release Shoot to expand it back into a Super Shot. Once a Mega Bullet has been expanded it can't be condensed again.

    • Mega Bullets are slower and narrower than Super Shots, but contain the same amount of missiles.
    • Mega Bullets can jettison the ball at extremely high speed toward your opponent.
    • Mega Bullets continue growing even after colliding with other objects, so they can be used to cut through an opponent's Super Shot.
    • The farther back on a Mega Bullet the ball hits, the faster it may be jettisoned.

    Mega Bullet Nudge

    You can nudge a Mega Bullet up or down by double-tapping up or down after firing. (See Lunging.) Remember to keep holding Shoot. 

    • Nudge a Mega Bullet directly into the ball for a devastating attack.
    • Use a Nudge at the last second to confuse your opponent. 
    • Mega Bullets can be nudged repeatedly.


    Double-tap up or down to perform a Lunge. Lunging doubles your paddle speed, allowing you to defend more easily. Note that your ammo doesn't recharge during a Lunge. 

    Goalie Dive

    • Lunge into enemy missiles to perform a Goalie Dive . During a Goalie Dive, your paddle can continue moving momentarily even while spinning out.

    Extend Your Lunge

    • Tap up or down repeatedly to perform a Multi-Lunge .
    • Double-tap, then keep holding up or down to perform an Infinite Lunge . 

    Menus & Other Controls

    Change Controls

    • You can change the keyboard controls at any time by pressing F3.
    • Ping is compatible with most PC gamepads. Gamepads can be found online for cheap, and are the most fun way to play Ping. 
    • Plug in gamepads before starting Ping.

    Menu Navigation

    • Use the arrow keys or player 1's gamepad to navigate the menus.
    • Press Shoot to make a selection, check/uncheck a box, or move to the next menu item. 
    • To go back, navigate to the "back" option at the bottom of the menu or hit Esc.


      Press P on the keyboard or Start/Select on a gamepad to pause the game and open the pause menu. Press P again to return to the game.

    Screen Mode

      Press F to toggle between Full Screen and Windowed mode. 


      Specials & More (Full Game Only)

      By using Specials and changing the settings in the "More" menu, you can play Ping a variety of different ways. 


      Specials are modifiers that make your paddle more powerful. You can use multiple Specials at the same time.

      *Note: In Campaign Mode, you can't earn Trophies or Gold Medals while Specials are on. (You can still earn Green Medals. See Campaign Mode.)

      Wide Paddle

      Wide Paddle doubles the size of your paddle, making it easier to defend against the ball. Note that it also makes you a larger target for your opponent. 

      Fast Charge

      Fast Charge doubles the speed at which your ammo charges, making it easier to fire Super Shots and harder to run out of ammo. 

      Bouncy Paddle

      Bouncy Paddle causes the ball to ricochet off your paddle at high speed, putting the heat on your opponent. 


      The computer randomly chooses your Specials. If both players choose Random, you will both be given a single special or you will both be given all three. During matches of more than one game, your Specials will be randomized each game.

      Spot Points

      Start the game with a handicap. Creative uses of Spot Points include playing shorter games (both players using Spot Points) or leveling the playing field for a normal paddle against a paddle with Specials.

      "More" Menu

      In More, you can change the settings of your game.

      Best Of

      You can play matches of multiple games, up to Best of 19 (first to win 10 games). You can also play longer games (to 2100 points instead of 1100).


      Play with up to four balls at a time. Choosing Random will randomize the number of balls continuously during a game. Playing to 2100 is recommended when using Multiball -- otherwise the games are very short!


      Ceasefires are an exciting option for advanced players. Ceasefires only appear during particularly heated matches when the ball is moving at high speed. If a Ceasefire triggers, you won't be able to shoot missiles until someone scores or the Ceasefire ends.


      Fun Ways to Play

      Here are some Ping matches to try. Try these out, then come up with your own! If you come up with a great way to play, send it in -- we'll post our favorites! 

      Tournament Rules

      Settings for official Ping tournaments.

      • Specials: Off
      • Spot Points: Off
      • Table: Random
      • Best of 3
      • Multiball: Off
      • Ceasefires: On

      Party Style

      An unpredictable mode for fun with friends. 

      • Specials: Random
      • Spot Points: Off
      • Best of 5
      • Multiball: Off
      • Ceasefires: On

      Luck of the Draw

      A mismatched mode made for dramatic comebacks. 

      • Specials: Off
      • Spot Points: Random
      • Table: Random
      • Best of 9
      • Multiball: Off
      • Ceasefires: On


      A true test of endurance for diehard Pingers.

      • Specials: Off
      • Spot Points: Off
      • Table: Rainbow
      • Best of 9 (to 2100) 
      • Multiball: Off
      • Ceasefires: On 

      Bounce Chaos

      The most insane match possible. Epileptic seizure warning.

      • Specials: All
      • Spot Points: Off
      • Table: Bounce House
      • Best of 3 (to 2100) 
      • Multiball: Random
      • Ceasefires: Off


      Space Emperor

      Can the everyman paddle defeat the Space Emperor? Take turns being the Space Emperor to see who should rule the universe. 

      • Player 1 - Specials: Off, Spot Points: 500
      • Player 2 - Specials: All, Spot Points: Off
      • Table: Final Frontier
      • Best of 1
      • Multiball: Off
      • Ceasefires: Off

      Frantic Firepower

      Maximum explosions ahead, captain. 

      • Specials: Fast Charge
      • Spot Points: 1000
      • Table: Briny Deep
      • Best of 1 (to 2100) 
      • Multiball: Off
      • Ceasefires: Off

      Cold Sweat

      Keep your ice on the ball or things could snowball out of control.

      • Specials: Bouncy Paddle & Fast Charge
      • Spot Points: 800
      • Table: Snow Fight
      • Best of 3 (to 2100) 
      • Multiball: 4
      • Ceasefires: On

      Offense & Defense

      It's missiles versus paddle. Which will win?

      • Player 1 Specials: Fast Charge
      • Player 2 Specials:  Wide Paddle & Bouncy Paddle
      • Spot Points: Off
      • Table: The Square
      • Best of 3
      • Multiball: 3
      • Ceasefires: Off

      Anything Goes

      Hold onto your hat.

      • Specials: Random
      • Spot Points: Random
      • Table: Random
      • Best of 19 (to 2100) 
      • Multiball: Random
      • Ceasefires: On